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Willst du heute Nacht mein Sklave sein?

LiveJournal || Twitter || [More Intelligent] Blog || Deviantart Female. 23. Bisexual. Happily dating a man. But still bisexual. Also polyamorous and looking for a girlfriend. American, but moving to Germany someday Otaku Fate/Stay Night, Hetalia, yuri titles, etc

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Date a man who’s good with kids. Date a man who’s sensitive. Date a man with a sharp suit. Date a man passionate about world peace. Date a…

Date a boy who is afraid of women. Date a boy who is paranoid that beautiful women are scheming against him. Date a boy who is very religious and lives at a temple. Date a boy who is reliable and gets things done—but is still paranoid and afraid of women. Date Ryuudo Issei.



for chinese new year they get all these famous actors and comedians together and they do a lil show and one of the comedians was like “i was in a hotel in america once and there was a mouse in my room so i called reception except i forgot the english word for mouse so instead i said ‘you know tom and jerry? jerry is here’

jerry is here

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What’s your name?


What do you like to be called? 


What’s your badge name? 

What day are you getting there? 

How long are you staying? 
Until Sunday

Will you be cosplaying? What days? As who?  
Probably not, I doubt if I can get Junko done on time.

Can I take your picture? 
idk why you would but you can

Who will you hang out with at the con? 
My boyfriend and various friends of mine

Are you attending any panels? 
I’m hosting Who is Oda Nobunaga?, Burn All the Witches: A Madoka Magica fan panel, Talk Yuri To Me, and Hentai Reading. I want to try to make the first part of the Kancolle panel (can’t stay for the whole thing because of one of mine, though), and I’ll definitely go to any of Helen McCarthy and Yoshitoshi aBe’s panels that I can. There are others I want to go to as well (like the figure collecting panel), but Helen and aBe’s panels take priority.

Attending any gatherings/photoshoots? 
Probably not.

Will you be attending any raves? 
Hell yes

Will you be partying at the con? 
Possibly a bit

Do you drink at cons? 
Some, but I try to avoid getting too drunk at big cons like ACen so I don’t miss anything I really want to see

Can I talk to you? 

Can I touch you?  
Depends. Are you a cute girl who is of age and have I given you positive signals? Then sure. Otherwise no.

How can I find you? 
Attending one of my panels and talking to me afterward would probably be the easiest way to find me.

Can I visit your room? 
If I invite you.

Can I buy you drinks? 
I never say no to alcohol I don’t have to pay for.

Can I give you stuff? 
Why…would you

Can I snuggle with you? 
Are you a cute girl who is of age and have I given you positive signals? Then yes.

Are you nice?  
I like to think so.

Do you have an artist table?  

If I see you, how should I get your attention? 
Say hello and just strike up a conversation or something.

Where will you be most of the time during the day/s? 
I’ll be all over the place. I attend a lot of panels and waste a lot of time in the dealer room.

What/where will you be eating? 
I’ll be eating at Hofbrau Haus at least once and ordering Giordano’s at least once. Otherwise idk.

Can I come with you for food/fun/etc? 
If I invite you.

What’s your goal(s) for the con this year?  
To meet Yoshitoshi aBe, to successfully put on my panels, to buy a ton of Kancolle stuff (and other things unrelated to ship girls), and maaaaybe to find a cute girl. If I’m lucky. I hope so! (I did mention a boyfriend up there, yes, but we have a somewhat open/polyamorous arrangement, I’m allowed to have girlfriends. And I want one. Badly.)

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KanColle, Bismarck, by nikkunemu


KanColle, Bismarck, by nikkunemu

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Shimakaze by EU03


Shimakaze by EU03

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commonly confused medieval weapons

a powerpoint by me

now stop screwing them up seriously or i will put a medieval weapon in your head

Tumblr is endearing me to being lectured at in Comic Sans

runescape is the reason for 99% of people getting these things confused

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